Fall for You (Flirting with For - Amanda Bailey

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Fall for You (Flirting with For - Amanda Bailey

Fall for You (Flirting with For - Amanda Bailey
epub | 287.58 KB | English | Isbn:B08LQVZYFJ |
Author: Amanda Bailey | PAge: 215 | Year: 2021


She's a firm believer in never saying never. He's determined to prove her right.
Quinn Lockmore sets her sights on hunky Liam after meeting him on a girls' night out and decides he's just what she needs to get back into action. She should have known better than to assume their clandestine fling would remain a secret.
A complex situation unfolds for Liam Ramsey when his two worlds collide at his daughter's parent-teacher conference. Soon, his evolving relationship with Quinn is threatened-not only by the ugly lies circulating around them but by revealing the truth to the most important person in his life.
They'll fall hard for each other, causing their worlds as they know them to crumble.
Fall for You is the fourth book in the all new steamy, dreamy Flirting with Forever series by Amanda Bailey.

Category:Contemporary Romance Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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