Get Strong Lifelong - Three hours a week to gain muscle, lose fat, and stay health...

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Get Strong Lifelong - Three hours a week to gain muscle, lose fat, and stay health...

Get Strong Lifelong - Three hours a week to gain muscle, lose fat, and stay healthy for life
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Author: DUTTA M.D., SANJOY | PAge: 178 | Year: 2020


Being healthy, fit, and strong lifelong is easier than you think. Doctors often stress the importance of being healthy, but they don't give you the specifics on what to do. And most exercise and diet programs require an unrealistic amount of time and commitment.
This book will tell you what you can do to dramatically improve your fitness (and look great) in a realistic, practical, time efficient, and achievable way. It requires awareness and some willpower, but you can be much more successful than you realize if:
1.You can set aside about 3 hours a week (total) for exercise most weeks.
2.You are willing to increase your awareness about how you eat, and willing to start making some straightforward easy to remember changes for the rest of your life.
3.You are willing to measure your progress and make small adjustments as needed.

You DO NOT have to devote unrealistic hours in the gym or follow ridiculous diets with too many rules. Don't waste your time trying to get a six pack, doing too many arm exercises, or getting obsessed with total body fat. The recommendations in this book are based on well accepted "honest" science and medical knowledge rather than poorly designed science, or "hot off the press" fad science. This book will start you off with a concrete exercise program and the most meaningful guidelines about how to choose food. By measuring your progress and making frequent small adjustments, eventually YOU DESIGN THE PROGRAM that works best for your body, your schedule, and your lifestyle. A program you can realistically enjoy and follow lifelong.

About the Author:
Sanjoy Dutta, M.D. is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Medical School. He completed his surgical and research training at the University of California, San Francisco, and has been a practicing general and bariatric (weight loss) surgeon for the past 15 years. During this time he has been involved in medical research and publications, and has counseled thousands of patients on weight loss and health.

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