Easy At Home Workouts & Stretches

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Easy At Home Workouts & Stretches

Easy At Home Workouts & Stretches
pdf | 22.06 MB | English | Isbn:978-1838012892 |
Author: Marianne Gates | PAge: 113 | Year: 2020


Start your journey to a fitter, healthier you . . . without leaving home.
Being active for just half an hour a day has a positive impact on the mind, body and soul. With this in mind, trained fitness instructor Marianne Gates has created a series of easy-to-follow at-home fitness routines that you can do for 30-minutes in your day, for 30 days (these don't have to be consecutive). Ideal for beginners or those getting back into fitness after a break, the exercises are designed to be performed in limited space, with little or no equipment required. They will also benefit your entire body.
This book is perfect for you if you:
- Feel nervous at the thought of starting a new exercise regimen.
- Have looked on the internet but are daunted or confused by what you've found. You don't know where to start or which programme to choose.
- Find going to the gym or joining in exercise classes scary and intimidating.
- Can't afford gym membership or have no access to a gym or fitness studio.
- Don't have a lot of free time in which to exercise.


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