Every Day Fitness for Everyday People - Level One

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Every Day Fitness for Everyday People - Level One

Every Day Fitness for Everyday People - Level One
pdf | 36.62 MB | English | Isbn:B089562G1H |
Author: Cassandra Wyzik | PAge: 258 | Year: 2020


Do you enjoy working out in the privacy of your own home? Have you ever thought of getting a personal trainer? Do you want an easy to follow, day-by-day guide to a healthier you? Want to work with your body to create an even stronger one? Tired of gimmicks and want to build a healthy lifestyle that lasts?

Then you sound like an Everyday Person!

My name is Cassandra and I want to be your personal trainer! I've worked with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and walks of life since 2011 and this book is inspired by what I've learned from my clients: everyday people just like you. This is a book of education-based training in linear fashion to guide you day by day along your journey to a more healthful, self-full life. I've loved putting together the closest thing I could to the personal training experience for you and I'm excited to share with you my knowledge, thoughts, effective workouts, and more!

Inside you will find a comprehensive warm up and cool down, four complete workouts that cover 32 exercises, and daily education, discussion, and tips. "Level One" is for beginners, seniors, people coming back to exercise after a hiatus, athletes needing to touch base with the basics, people seeking relief from chronic pain, and basically everyone! This book is the flagship in a series of books that will get progressively more advanced. After completing this book, you will have gained a very solid foundation of fitness and knowledge on which to build your life.

Welcome to Fit With Cassandra, client reader!

CASSANDRA WYZIK is the owner of Fit With Cassandra Personal Fitness Studio on the Space Coast of Florida. She has been a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine since 2011 and majored in Exercise Science with a Nutrition minor and has a degree in Alternative Medicine. When not training, she can be found playing harp or violin, figure skating, reading, knitting, or camping with her family.For even more information and resources check out my website at www.FitWithCassandra.com!

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