Best Service Red Box Vol.2 Human ACID WAV
File size: 2.18 GB

From standing ovation to a dinner in the restaurant, from footsteps to sports activities Red Box 2this collection covers the full range of human sounds and atmospheres. Indoor, outdoor applause, children, shouts, calls, laughs, cheering, screams, announcements (airplane, military). General atmos in city and country (street, cafe and restaurant ambiences, museum, hotel, concert hall, market). Sport sports field and body sounds, steps and heartbeats. Base/basketball, billiards, bowling, boxing, fencing, football, soccer, karate, swimming, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, icehockey, skiing, snowboard and more.
Best Service Red Box Vol.1 Nature ACID WAV
File size: 2.23 GB

Comprehensive collection of "nature" backgrounds, ambiences and single sounds Red Box 1recorded in different countries and national regions.Inshore waters stream, river, breakers, waves and water sounds (splash, drops, bubbles). Weather wind noises, storm, hurricane, rain, thunderstorm. Animals domestic and wild animals, birds, insects and sea animals. Natural atmospheres typical country and forest atmospheres from different locations. These nature sound effects will surely add production value to any project.