Walking with Dinosaurs (2013)(3D H-SBS 1080p)

ORIGINAL TITLE: Walking with Dinosaurs (Walking with Dinosaurs 3D)
YEAR 2013
DURATION: 87 min.
DIRECTOR: Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale
SCRIPT: John Collee, Theodore Thomas
CAST: Animation
PRODUCER: Co-production UK-USA-Australia; Animal Logic / BBC Earth / BBC Worldwide
GENDER: Animation. Contact Us | Prehistory. Dinosaurs. 3-D
Synopsis: "WALKING AMONG DINOSAURS" takes us to a prehistoric Alaska, where we meet Patch, a charming and conscientious dinosaur, and his family. Patch is the littlest of the litter, and no one expects it to go very far. But Patch has a strong spirit and a great heart; What it lacks of physical strength compensates it with a great tenacity. We will follow Patch and his family on their long annual migration to find food. It is an exciting journey, sown with dangers, in which we will also find friends and many adventures.