Hideaway Studio - Polivox v1.1 (KONTAKT)
Hideaway Studio - Polivox v1.1 (KONTAKT) | 681 MB

The Polivoks (Rus.: Поливокс) was designed by Vladimir Kuzmin with input on the aesthetics from his wife Olimpiada who was apparently inspired by Soviet military radios of the time. In production between 1982 and 1990 the Polivoks was manufactured at the Formanta Radio Factory in Kachkanar, Russian SFSR. With a retail price upon release of 920 rubles around 100,000 Polivoks were manufactured - peaking at a production rate of up to 1,000 units a month! Despite this, the Polivoks is not all that commonly seen an instrument outside of Russia.

Divergent Audio Group Fameboy KONTAKT

Divergent Audio Group Fameboy KONTAKT | 230 Mb
Fameboy is an awesome little instrument that fulfills all your nasty lo-fi drum desires. FAMEBOY is a classic drum synthesiser propelled into the modern age for the professional music producers of today. Featuring original samples fused with cutting-edge technology, advanced sequencing and sound-shaping capabilities.
Impact Soundworks Momentum KONTAKT WAV REX
File size: KONTAKT 4.85 GB | WAV-REX 6.62 GB

The ideal rhythm collection for film, TV & game composers: a treasure trove of 2,500+ truly unique, organic percussion performances, categorized and tagged with extensive sound design tools! Includes not only powerful Kontakt patches, but also sliced REX/WAV files and both chromatic and sound menu oneshot/multisample patches for instant inspiration.
PinkNoise Analogue Monsters KONTAKT
File size: 3.67 GB

Analogue Monsters is our biggest Kontakt sound library ever, based on the best sounds of 10 legendary synthesizers - from the 70's up to the present:

* Alesis Andromeda A6
* Korg MonoPoly
* Korg MS-20
* Korg Poly800 MKII
* Moog Prodigy
* Oberheim Matrix-1000
* Roland Juno-60
* Roland Jupiter 4
* Studio Electronics SE-1X
* Waldorf Microwave XTk