Pimero Professional 2020R1 Build 20.1.6

File size: 104 MB
All Pimero data remains within your hands. With Pimero you can create your own cloud. The advantages: You don't have to hand over your sensible data to a service provider. If you want, you can access your files via the Internet. You can take your data with you and continue to work offline. You can sync your data with mobile devices. You don't have to pay monthly fees.
SNS-HDR Professional 2.6.2 Multilingual Portable

Windows x64 | File size: 17.1 MB
The HDR technique makes it possible to create an image so faithfully to how the scene is perceived in reality. When the scene being photographed has both very dark and very bright areas, the camera is unable to capture its entire range of luminosity. As a result, the image will contain underexposed or overexposed areas, which cannot be adequately corrected at the editing stage. In order to capture the full range of luminosity of such scenes, the HDR technique is used. It consists in capturing several images of the same scene at different levels of exposure and subsequently combining them into one complete image.
Windows 7 Professional SP1 February 2020 Preactivated

Windows (x64) | Languages:English | File size: 3.2 GB
use of versions of other users due to reliable versions of the groups; however, after the adoption of the SOPA / PIPA laws in the House of Representatives, the groups that had until then been perfect copies And did not continue to do so without any manipulation of the updated windows; hence, other people became more serious in this segment, and now we are seeing the release of high-quality versions of Windows 7 (Windows 7).