Producer Loops Cinematic Series: Vol.4 Viking Legends (MIDI, WAV)
Producer Loops Cinematic Series: Vol.4 Viking Legends (MIDI, WAV) | 1.32 GB

'Cinematic Series Vol 4: Viking Legends' continues this award-winning series with a unique collection, capable of summoning the Norse gods themselves. Each Construction Kit is complete with its own soundscape, together with a range of foley and ambient recordings from Norway's forests and waters, combined with authentic Norwegian readings of ancient Norse poems, curses and prayers.
The Odyssey - Series 1 (1992-93)

The Odyssey - Series 1 (1992-93)
English | Size: 2.22 GB
Category: Tutorial


Following an accident, young Jay Ziegler falls into a coma. While his family and
friends must continue their lives in the Real World, Jay finds himself in the magical
Downworld on a quest to return home.


Illya Woloshyn ... Jay Ziegler (38 episodes, 1992-1994)
Tony Sampson ... Flash (38 episodes, 1992-1994)
Ashleigh Aston Moore ... Alpha (37 episodes, 1992-1994)
Janet Hodgkinson ... Mrs. Ziegler (36 episodes, 1992-1994)
Andrea Nemeth ... Medea (25 episodes, 1992-1994)
Mark Hildreth ... Finger (24 episodes, 1992-1994)
Jeremy Radick ... Fractal (18 episodes, 1993-1994)
Dwight Koss ... Dr. Max Oswald (17 episodes, 1992-1994)