That Sound - FUTURE MULTiFORMAT | 1.24 GB

Welcome to the sounds of tomorrow. Carefully processed by modern technology and design, the FUTURE library is not like anything else. Samples and loops of the library defy genres and are ready to promote your tracks to the future of music. Dirty and fat bass drums and dense, vigorous snares, obtained from a hybrid of samples of classical drum machines with acoustic drum tones. What is your genre - hip-hop, pop, trap, dubstep, house?
That Sound - Organic (WAV, REX, TRIGGER)
That Sound - Organic (WAV, REX, TRIGGER) | 1.54 GB

Organic is the flagship library of That Sound. This huge collection of more than 800 unique natural samples varies from clapping, stamping, banging, clicking, clicking, bass, snails, volumes, slaps, build-ups, etc. Organic was created to fill the gap. Neither before the release nor after its release was there a library with so many useful, natural, human sounds.