Roger Silverwood - [D I Angel Mystery 01] - The Missing Nurse

Roger Silverwood - [D I  Angel Mystery 01] - The Missing Nurse
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Descirption: A DETECTIVE WHO'S NO ANGEL DESPITE HIS NAME. Discover a gripping series of murder mysteries set in south Yorkshire. MEET DETECTIVE INSPECTOR MICHAEL ANGEL. AN OLD-SCHOOL POLICEMAN WHO SOMETIMES RUBS HIS COLLEAGUES UP THE WRONG WAY. HE'S GOT HIS FLAWS, BUT HE NEVER GIVES UP ON A CASE. PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOK WAS FIRST PUBLISHED AS "IN THE MIDST OF LIFE." For Inspector Michael Angel, the savage murder in an insane asylum twenty years ago marks the beginning of this gruesome trail of enquiries to find missing nurse Fiona Thomas. In spite of obstruction from the chief constable, this quirky Yorkshire policeman reduces the suspects to one, by resorting to an unusual and original strategy. A dead woman wearing one stocking inside out, an American class ring, a missing videotape of the lovely Lola, and two dead cats all play their part in this scramble to find the killer in this unusual and gripping mystery.

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