Handling Big Productions - How I handle big teams in fashion editorials for Vogue .it

Handling Big Productions - How I handle big teams in fashion editorials for Vogue .it
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How do you handle big teams, recruit the right people, and follow through on demanding fashion projects?

In this class we will take a look at what's needed in order to handle a big production team for fashion editorials, such as the Vogue .it ones I'm shooting in the African continent.

These lessons are tailored for the fashion photographers who:

have worked on small projects and want to understand how bigger clients impact both the team building aspect of a shoot, and the expectations from the clients;

are working on big productions and want to see how a fellow professional works in the same spots, in order to grow while comparing different approaches to the same issues.

Throughout the lessons I will guide you through:

getting in touch with the editors: you'll get to know what they're expecting from you, and what you can do to smooth things out when needed;

recruiting the right team: I'll give you an overview of which professionals you will need for getting the best results, while focusing on what different professionals bring to the table;

preparing for the shoot: I'll outline a detailed step-by-step line of what I usually do before the actual shooting day, so that everything goes as smooth as possible;

shooting: arguably the easiest part of the whole process, I'll give insight on what to keep watch of in order to be absolutely sure that what you get by the end of the shooting day is what you both want and need;

wrapping things up and delivering the editorial: be it double checking, debriefing, or setting one last line for your team, we'll get through the last few steps you'll need to navigate in order to submit your editorial.

By the end of this class you should have a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion editorial - a part often overlooked in smaller productions - which should give you the necessary tools to tackle bigger, more ambitious projects.

Please enjoy this class, and feel free to shoot me an email (which is provided at the end of the lessons) if you have any questions you'd like to ask.




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