False Illusion (For the Sake of - Valentina Turner

False Illusion (For the Sake of - Valentina Turner
False Illusion (For the Sake of - Valentina Turner
epub | 163.66 KB | English | Author :Valentina Turner | 2020

Book Description :

Same Name, Different Person, then Misunderstanding...

Sophia works in a party supply store.
One day, Nate, the CEO of a real estate company, comes into buy party supplies for a surprise birthday he is throwing for his mother.
He gets into conversation with Sophia as she tallies up his purchases.
Sophia has to leave him for one moment and go to the back of the store. As a new employee comes to attend to him, he overhears some music.
They are doing a small birthday celebration in the back of the store, and in a conversation with the staff attending to him, he finds out that Sophia is turning eighteen. He assumes it is the Sophia he is crushing on, and he gets upset and leaves

Sophia gets confused. Why the guy that was flirting with her has suddenly turned cold and rude?
She puts it out of her mind and continues with her life. After all, she has graduation coming up.
On the night of her graduation, she goes with her friends to a bar to have some fun.
Then she meets Nate again...

Read this book to discover what happened to Nate and Sophia!
False Illusion by Bestselling Author Valentina Turner is a contemporary romance that will touch your heart even if you're a hardcore cynic.

Here's what makes this book special:
  • A fast-paced story so you won't be bored for a second
  • Intense but realistic emotions that you'll easily relate to
  • Charming characters that you'll absolutely love
  • Carefully written, engaging dialogue

    If you're looking for a short read and a touching romantic story, False Illusion is the book you need right now. And when you've finished reading, you'll definitely long for a sequel!

    Will love be enough to keep Nate and Sophia together?

    Scroll up, click the "Buy Now with 1-Click" button and Find Out Now!

Category : | 90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Single Authors Short Stories, Contemporary Short Stories

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