GameGuru 1.14 ISO
Windows Sofware | GameGuru 1.14 ISO | 4.92Gb

Create, play and share fun games on your PC with absolutely no technical knowledge needed!
Have you always dreamed of making a game but have no wish to delve into the mystical realms of programming or 3d art? GameGuru allows you to fufill your dreams in a non technical, fun and extremely easy to share way.
Cadence INCISIVE 15.10.010 Hotfix Release
Windows Sofware | Cadence INCISIVE 15.10.010 Hotfix Release | 10.9Gb

Cadence Design Systems, Inc., a leader in global electronic design innovation, introduced a hotfix of its leading functional verification platform and methodologies, INCISIVE 15.10. As electronic products across all market segments become more sophisticated, developing their underlying hardware and software, and integrating the two sides, continues to grow more complex. Early software development, hardware verification, hardware/software integration, and integrated system validation have become primary challenges, increasing development costs, project schedules, and risks.
OMICRON IEDScout 4.20 | 201 MB

OMICRON electronics Corp. has released 4.20 version of IEDScout, is an ideal tool for protection and substation automation engineers working with IEC 61850 devices. It provides access to the IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and performs numerous useful functions when working with them. The software can simulate entire Ed. 2 and Ed. 1 IEDs and enables users to extensively test IEDs due to the advanced Control dialog.
AKVIS Points (x64) Multilangual
AKVIS Points (x64) Multilangual | 80.7 MB

AKVIS Points lets you transform your photos into paintings using the technique of pointillism. Pointillism is a painting technique characterized by applying of separate brush strokes in the form of dots or spots. This style is an offshoot of Impressionism. A complex hue is decomposed into individual colors, which are displayed on the canvas as dotted strokes, small dabs of paint of pure color. The optical mixing of these dots gives us the visual perception of an entire painting.