By The Balls 2019 1080p WEBRip x264-RARBG
By The Balls 2019 1080p WEBRip x264-RARBG
Size: 1.6 GB | Duration: 01:23:53 | Container: :mp4
Video: 2500 Kbps |avc1 | 25.000 fps | 1.846:1
Language :English

Genres:: Drama, Sport
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Plot::: Sport and politics most definitely do mix in this gripping look back at a brutal and turbulent time for New Zealand rugby, told from the point of view of the players themselves including David Kirk and Buck Shelford.

GOM Player Plus Multilingual

GOM Player Plus Multilingual | Windows x64 | File Size: 30.6 MB

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GBTimelapse Pro EOS v4.0.20.0

GBTimelapse Pro EOS v4.0.20.0 | Languages: English | File Size: 40.71 MB

In time-lapse photography a series of images is taken at regular time intervals and then played back faster - giving the illusion that time is passing quickly. By using a Digital SLR camera you aren't limited to the low resolution of a standard-definition video camera or web camera. Instead of low resolution you can capture high resolution images and create high-definition video files in HD, 2K or 4K resolution.

Expresii 2019.11.20 Multilingual

Expresii 2019.11.20 Multilingual | Windows x86/x64 | File Size: 62 MB

Beautiful digital Eastern watercolor, Real Time, Ultra-HD! Expresiiis an advanced digital painting system. After years of development Expresii has finally been released. The ink painting software uses fluid dynamics to simulate watercolor and other natural media, and features GPU-accelerated water-based paint, organic brushes simulation and ultra-deep zoom capabilities. Expresii, the startup founded by former Adobe and Microsoft graphics researcher Nelson Chu, has shipped Expresii 1.0, the first commercial release of its promising digital brush-and-ink painting system. In development for several years we covered an early tech demo back in 2013 Expresii mimics the behavior of real inks on paper, including the way they flow under gravity and the way colors blend.